The Only Heartbreaker Lyrics – Mitski 2021 Super Hit

The Only Heartbreaker lyrics song is sung by Mitski is latest english song lyrics are written ✍🏻 by Dan Wilson, Mitski and director of photography by Joanna Thanh Há Nguyen. This 4k video full song is features by Mitski.

The music of this new song is given by Mitski and the video is directed by Maegan Houang, Jeff Desom 🎥. This most popular english song is Produced by John L. Lozada and editing by Gus Spelman. The song mix/master by Mitski while music label by Mitski.


The Only Heartbreaker song Details:

Lyrics:Dan Wilson, Mitski
Choreographer:Jas Lin

The Only Heartbreaker Lyrics – Mitski | Latest Super Hit English Song 2021

The Only Heartbreaker Lyrics

If You Would Just Make One Mistake
What A Relief That Would Be

But I Think
For As Long As We’re Together
I’ll Be The Only Heartbreaker

I’ll Be The Only Heartbreaker
I’ll Be The Only Heartbreaker

So I’ll Be The Only Loser
In This Game
I’ll Be The Bad Guy
In The Play

I’ll Be The Water Maine
That’s Burst And Flooding
You’ll Be By The Window
Only Watching

I’ll Be The Only Heartbreakеr

I Apologize You Forgive Me..

And Make Me The Only Heartbreaker
So I’ll Be The Only Heartbreaker.

The Only Heartbreaker video song

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  • Who wrote The Only Heartbreaker song lyrics?

    Dan Wilson, Mitski

  • Who is the singer of the song The Only Heartbreaker?


  • Who is the director of the song The Only Heartbreaker?

    Maegan Houang, Jeff Desom

  • Which actors/actresses are in the song ‘The Only Heartbreaker’?


  • Who gave the music for The Only Heartbreaker song?